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Health care costs are increasing, but competition for insurance plan customers means populous Chicago is bucking the trend, said Marc Pierce of Stonegate Advisors, a Chicago based independent consulting company that conducted the analysis for AP. In Decatur, John and Alicia Phillips decided to stick with the same Blue Cross Blue Shield policy even though their monthly premiums will increase slightly to $249 a month after their tax credit. Their deductibles will increase, too, from $1,000 per person to $1,500 per person, which will raise their out of pocket costs when they use health care in 2015. John Phillips, 43, owns an auto repair shop. His wife is a day care teacher. “I looked at some other plans,” Phillips said.

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I just saw on Fox 23 News at Noon that Angelina Jolie has started a Twitter account. She has no intention of using it maybe later, she says, she has zero tweets, zero followers and is following zero people. She just started it so that nobody else can use her Twitter name, @angelinajolie. I’m sorry, but I think that’s ridiculous. Who would WANT to be Angelina Jolie?Of course she’s glamorous and wealthy and has Brad Pitt, but still. I think she’s a bit frightening. Have a wild and wacky Wednesday, Pineapple fans!Stay cool and we’ll chat tomorrow!Let me begin with the FREAKIN’ GINORMOUS SPIDER that has apparently decided to move in. I know there are a few vacant offices still, since we’re in a brand new building, but really…spiders are not allowed. I’m not an incredible sissy when it comes to bugs unless it’s June bugs or crickets but I can’t bring myself to smash a spider that’s as big as my hand when I’m wearing flip flops. Talk to me when I’m wearing jeans and combat boots. And since all of the guys in my office are gone, that means I have to outsource the problem.