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A tandem parachute system is specially designed for 2 people. The tandem parachute system has two parachutes: a main parachute and a reserve parachute. The parachutes on the tandem parachute system are similar to the design of single skydiver parachutes. The only major difference is the size of the Tandem Parachutes. Typically, a tandem parachute is 300 to 400 square feet, whereas a parachute for a single skydiver ranges from 120 to 200 square feet. The reserve parachutes on tandem systems are also the same as regular systems, just larger to handle the weight of two skydivers.

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Line 1/2 hour or so just before GT useful for grading. This example will not occur many times yet any time it can, it really is really rewarding. This plan contains movements regarding just a 1/2 level, for instance a move coming from 7 to be able to 7. 5, or perhaps, 7. 5 to be able to 8. 0.